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At Crest Academy, all our classes have an impressively low student-teacher ratio of 8:1. Small class sizes and an inspiring and highly qualified teaching staff ensure that students get the absolute most out of their lessons.

Read on to find out about the benefits of a small class size and why we believe that it’s an integral part of a successful education.

1. Each Student is an INDIVIDUAL

In a smaller class, it is not possible for students to get left behind. Having fewer students means that each one receives the attention required from the teacher.

2. Positive Results

Research has shown that high school students in smaller classes can achieve higher grades and experience above average results for the NSC examinations.
Read further on the studies done:…


3. Self Confidence is Enhanced

Learning is enhanced by the confidence that students develop through the experience of “small pockets" of success, and they are encouraged to share opinions, ask questions and contribute their knowledge which can benefit their peers.

4. Teachers Can Teach

Teachers at the front of a small class have more opportunities to observe and assess the class as a whole and the students as individuals. Learning is further enhanced when teachers and students can interact with confidence in the classroom.

5. Classes Become a Community

With fewer students per class, individuals can connect more closely with their peers and become more confident and comfortable when it comes to sharing their ideas and perspectives. These connections can lead to lasting friendships.

6. Focus on Teaching and Learning

In learning environments with a limited number of students, teachers can spend more time teaching the material and less time trying to regain the attention of those who are easily distracted. Teachers can also cater to students’ different learning styles and ensure that they stay engaged and understand what is being taught.

7. More Feedback

Teachers have more time to individualize their feedback, ensuring that each student understands the material, can get the help they need and can reach his or her potential.

8. Students and Teachers Can Work One-on-One

Students and teachers at Crest Academy often work together one-on-one, which gives teachers the opportunity to customize instruction and guidance, and students can receive the educators undivided attention.

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