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About Crest

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Abigail Mercado


Crest Academy Tutor Centre Principal's Welcome,

Welcome to the Crest Academy Tutor Centre' s website! We hope you find it interesting and informative.


The pupils here are remarkable! They are keen to learn and strive to do their very best to make a positive contribution to school life. 

They make Crest Academy a great place to be with a warm and welcoming approach to new members, family and staff to their school.


Crest Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment which is conducive to learning. We have a team of qualified and experienced educators who will assist in the academic progress of your child. Although academic achievement is not the sole measure of success, it is nevertheless important for the successful integration of learners into the adult world. To this end all our educators go the extra mile, ensuring that each and every child can reach his/her full potential.


Crest Academy ensures the classes are small. Small classes ensure that all students from Grade 8 to Grade 12 receive the added benefit of individual support.


The staff of Crest Academy commit themselves to the specialised education of each individual learner, striving to prepare each one for a meaningful contribution to the greater community.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the academy is to enable every learner to reach their full potential at their own pace.


Our vision for Crest Academy is to provide a holistic academic experience for learners, that will allow them to achieve beyond their current potential.

Our History

CREST Learning Centre was founded in 2012.

To continue the individualised programme and holistic support we started a

Tutor Centre for Grade 8 - 12



We follow the IMPAQ CAPS curriculum which is accredited by Umaluzi - leading to the NSC (Matric) in Grade 12.


In order for us to make an informed decision about your child’s placement at Crest Academy, it is therefore necessary that the following procedure be followed:


An appointment is made to meet the Principal. Parents, learner and the principal will be in the initial interview. A tour of the academy will also be completed at this stage.


The school requires copies of their most recent assessments (within the last two years), and school report.



The Principal will peruse the assessments to decide on the initial placement of the learner. The Academy reserves the right to alter this decision within the first term of placement, and place the child in a more appropriate class dependent on the child’s ability within the class.

Once a decision for placement has been made by parents and the school, Crest Academy needs to be in possession of:

• Completed and signed Contract with both Crest Academy

• Fully completed Case History

• Completed Indemnity Form

• Completed Registration Form 


Parents are to pay the deposit within three (3) days of Acceptance of placement. If all the assessments have not been completed, please provide us with dates on which the assessments will take place, and the names of the therapists with whom you have appointments.

If the deposit and registration documentation is not received within three days of acceptance, the place will automatically be given to the next name on the waiting list.

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Timeless Teaching in a Changing World

Crest Academy academic programme is designed to provide students with an enlightened, stimulating academic environment that exceeds traditional learning practices.


Our teachers are given the freedom to teach creatively beyond the limitations of the formal syllabus, incorporating strategies for thinking and learning delivered through progressive methodologies and ideas.

Gr 10 -12 
Subjects on offer: 

Dramatic arts

Visual Arts





Computer application technology

Life Sciences

Maths Core

Business Studies



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