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Our Principal & Staff

At Crest Academy, our dedicated staff members are the heart and soul of our school community. Comprising a team of qualified and passionate educators, administrators, and support staff, each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. With a shared commitment to student success and well-being, our staff go above and beyond to create a supportive and enriching learning environment for every student. From the classroom to extracurricular activities, our staff members are dedicated to nurturing the potential of each learner, fostering a culture of excellence, respect, and collaboration. Through their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, our staff play a pivotal role in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.


Meet Our Principal

Miss. Abigail Mercado

Our students are truly remarkable! They possess an eagerness to learn and consistently strive to excel, making a positive impact on our school community. Their warm and welcoming demeanor extends to new members, families, and staff, creating a supportive and inclusive environment at Crest Academy.

At Crest Academy, we prioritize creating a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning. One of our core principles is taking students' mental health seriously. We understand the importance of mental well-being in academic success and personal development, which is why it plays a significant role in our ethos.

Our team comprises qualified and experienced educators dedicated to supporting your child's academic progress while also prioritizing their mental health and well-being. We believe that a holistic approach to education, which considers both academic achievement and emotional wellness, is essential for each student's overall growth and success.

We pride ourselves on maintaining small class sizes at Crest Academy. This allows for individualized attention and support for students from Grade 8 to Grade 12, ensuring that no one falls through the cracks.

The staff at Crest Academy are deeply committed to providing specialized education tailored to each learner's needs. Our goal is to prepare every student for meaningful contributions to the broader community, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Thank you for choosing Crest Academy as your educational partner. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you and embark on this exciting journey of growth and learning alongside both you and your child.

"As a parent, it's incredibly reassuring to know that Crest Academy not only focuses on academics but also prioritizes mental health and well-being. My daughter has thrived in this supportive environment, and I'm grateful for the personalized attention and care she receives every day."

- Emily P.

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